king_of_apathy (king_of_apathy) wrote in pagetofilm,

Jurassic Park: The Lost World movie vs book

Out of all the film adaptions i've seen, this is the one that bears least resemblance to the book, only the t-rex vs the trailer scene is really taken from the book.
I though the book was good, but unlike most diehard fans, I believe that most of the changes made for a better film. Making Malcolm more of a definite lead rile was a good move. Having the hunters capture live dinosaurs rather than just eggs made it a lot more dramatic. Having the hunter and gatherer camps team up to find safety made for a lot more interesting drama between the two groups, the book only had sarah meeting them briefly. And while some found the T-rex in the city a bit silly, I thought it made a much more spectacular end than just another raptors breaking into buildings that the book ends with.

What do you think?
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